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  • Peter Tame
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Peter Tame’s ego-history concerns his research on political ideology and war literature in contemporary France, based on his work on Roger Vailland, André Chamson and André Malraux, as well as his more recent research interests in European war memories in the literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, together with imaginary spaces and places in French fiction on the two World Wars. This chapter also discusses Tame’s research on the Left–Right polemics in the interwar years in France and fictional representations of Fascism and Communism before, during and after the Second World War. Focusing on Robert Brasillach, collaborationist and French Fascist (1909–1945), the subject of his PhD thesis and a subsequent publication, Tame revisits the unwritten rules and evolving research contexts surrounding the Vichy period since the early 1970s.

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