Catchment Area of the Black Sea

  • Emil Vespremeanu
  • Mariana Golumbeanu
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The catchment of the Black Sea covers an area of 1,874,904 km2 being extended in Europe and Asia Minor. Within the Black Sea catchment area four categories of catchment areas are distinguished: Western basins and North-Western basins, Crimea basins, Caucasian basins and Asia Minor basins, which transport in total 353 km3 of water (multiannual average calculated for 1921–1988 period). The Western and North-Western basins have the largest extension, their area being of 1,520,000 km2, which represents 82% of the total Black Sea catchment area. In this categories fall the largest Black Sea tributaries basins: Danube, Dniester, Dnieper and Bug, which transports a multiannual average liquid flow (during 1921–1988) of 261 km3/year, representing 76% of the flow tributary to Black Sea of its entire catchment area. The Danube basin (817,000 km2) represents 43.57% of the total area of Black Sea basin having an essential influence over its Western compartment.


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