Local Maidan Across Ukraine: Democratic Aspirations in the Revolution of Dignity



Zelinska provides a novel local perspective on the Maidan movement. From November 2013, Ukraine was convulsed by three months of near-daily demonstrations, involving as many as a million protestors. These momentous episodes of civil unrest would come to be known as ‘Maidan’, meaning ‘square’—after the site of the first major protests, Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti—as well as ‘Euromaidan’, after protestors’ initial goal of greater EU-Ukraine integration. After delineating the historical and political context in which the Maidan protests erupted, the chapter then sheds light on who the protestors were. Having set the scene, the next part presents three of the main utopian visions developed by general assemblies across the country. The chapter concludes by assessing the significance, viability, and achievability of these visions for the future of Ukraine.


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