Porting a Real-Time Objected Oriented Dependable Operating System (RODOS) on a Customizable System-on-Chip

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 689)


Modern semiconductor chips offer a FPGA, A Hard Microcontroller and a programmable Analog circuitry all integrated on a single chip, which gives the system designer a full featured, easy-to-use design and development platform where all the units are programmable and under full control of the designer, Combining this state of the art silicon chip with a Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) gives an Engineer full power and all degree of freedoms to design end-use applications with an unparalleled performance characteristic as far as speed, Security, Simplicity, Flexibility and reliability is concerned. In this paper we describe.


FPGA Real-Time-Operating-System Porting 



The authors would like to thank Mr. Erik Dilger who shared his understanding about the internal structure of RODOS and how its threads work and also many thanks to the support team in Lauterbach [16] who have provided significant tips and help for debugging the Smart-Fusion kit.


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