The Sequel to the Declaration of War

  • Jyotirmoy Pal Chaudhuri
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Germany, Liberia’s “friend in need”, did not like the decision the Black Republic took. She retaliated by shelling Monrovia from a submarine. The allies became soft on Liberia and submitted various proposals to boost up her morale and the economy. The USA, however, did not take much notice of the British or the French plans. The Americans were toying with the idea of doing something grandiose for Liberia all by themselves. The Liberian government had applied for a loan of $5 million from the US government. If granted, the scheme would be all-embracing, involving some 20 American experts managing practically all branches of the administration of Liberia. Britain would not mind America getting involved in running Liberia provided her dues were paid and British subjects were not discriminated in matters of trade and investments in that country.

In the meantime, the peace conference had started in Paris and as a member of the Allied powers, Liberia was invited to sit at the high table of global politics. Liberia’s secretary of state headed the delegation and Liberia was compensated for the losses she incurred during the war by the Reparation Commission. For a variety of reasons, the American plan of granting Liberia the big loan did not succeed. But the prospect of America “taking over Liberia” prevented a section of the British public from discussing in Paris the possibility of Liberia being placed under the system of Mandates.

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