Using the Estonian Electronic Identity Card for Authentication to a Machine

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The electronic chip of the Estonian ID card is widely used in Estonia to identify the cardholder to a machine. For example, the electronic ID card can be used to collect rewards in customer loyalty programs, authenticate to public printers and self-checkout machines in libraries, and even unlock doors and gain access to restricted areas. This paper studies the security aspects of using the Estonian ID card for this purpose. The paper shows that the way the ID card is currently being used provides little to no assurance to the terminal about the identity of the cardholder. To demonstrate this, an ID card emulator is built, which emulates the electronic chip of the Estonian ID card as much as possible and is able to successfully impersonate the real ID card to the terminals deployed in practice. The exact mechanisms used by the terminals to authenticate the ID card are studied and possible security improvements for the Estonian ID card are discussed.



We would like to thank Martin Paljak for his feedback and the technical support he provided for this study, and all the people who gave their feedback on this paper. This work was supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the Estonian Centre of Excellence in ICT Research (EXCITE) and the Estonian Doctoral School in Information and Communication Technologies.


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