A Topic Detection and Visualisation System on Social Media Posts

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Large amounts of social media posts are produced on a daily basis and monitoring all of them is a challenging task. In this direction we demonstrate a topic detection and visualisation tool in Twitter data, which filters Twitter posts by topic or keyword, in two different languages; German and Turkish. The system is based on state-of-the-art news clustering methods and the tool has been created to handle streams of recent news information in a fast and user-friendly way. The user interface and user-system interaction examples are presented in detail.


Topic detection and visualisation Twitter posts Keyword-based search Topic-based filtering 



This work was supported by the EC-funded projects H2020-645012 (KRISTINA) and H2020-700475 (beAWARE).


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  1. 1.Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology HellasThessalonikiGreece

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