Idea and measurement methods used in bioimpedance spectroscopy

  • Barbara SzusterEmail author
  • Zbigniew Szczurek Dawid Roj
  • Pawel Kowalski
  • Aleksander Sobotnicki
  • Jakub Woloszyn
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Increasing popularity of devices used to measure body composition and the competition on that specific sector of the market resulted in increased interest in this subject matter. There are more and more articles appearing that treat of that subject and construction design descriptions. The aim of this article is to present the nature of the impedance measurement of the human body and to present various measurement methods, focusing especially on the electrical bioimpedance measurement. The article describes the device used for body composition measurement, that was created in the ITAM in Zabrze. Also, a short review of bioimpedance measurement devices has been made, describing their advantages and disadvantages, along the description of other measurement methods.


bioimpedance BIS BIA DXA body composition impedance of body spectroscopy 


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  • Pawel Kowalski
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