Travel Route Recommendation Based on Geotagged Photo Metadata

  • Ching May Lee
  • J. Joshua ThomasEmail author
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Travellers usually look for two kinds of information when they are planning a trip to a new destination: the points of interest (POI) and the interesting travel sequences given the POI in the destination. In recent years, due to the spread of the photo-taking gadgets with the global positioning system (GPS) functionality and the act of the travellers sharing and contributing photos on websites, such as Flickr and Panoramio, there are plenty of geotagged photos available on the Web. Through assembling diverse sets of geotagged photos shared by the travellers from the Web, the POI and the travel sequences given the POI in a destination can be mined if the travellers visit several POI in a day and take photos at each of the visited POI. In this paper, a web-based travel route recommendation system, namely Travel Route Recommendation System (TRRS), is presented. The purpose of this system is to generate and recommend travel route to the travellers who are visiting a destination for the first time and only for one day based on geotagged photo metadata.


Travel route recommendation Geotagged photo metadata Travel pattern generation Point of interest 


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