Demand Side Optimization in Smart Grid Using Harmony Search Algorithm and Social Spider Algorithm

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Electricity is a valuable resource. With the increase of population, this valuable resource is being used inefficiently. To overcome this problem, electricity providers use various techniques like introducing different pricing schemes. In peak hours, when the usage of electricity is high, the utility increases the per unit cost. Therefore, usage of electricity in peak hours result in high electricity bills. The electricity bills can be reduced by efficiently scheduling the home appliances so that few appliances are operated during peak hours. For this purpose many techniques have been proposed. In this paper, we propose a Social Spider Algorithm (SSA) for Demand Side Management (DSM). Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) has been adapted to evaluate the results of SSA. These algorithms schedules the appliances in such a way that the usage of electricity in peak hours is reduced. This results in reduction of electricity bill and Peak to Average Ratio (PAR).


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