Indecomposable Harish-Chandra Modules for Jacobi Groups

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Part of the Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences book series (CMCS, volume 10)


We describe some indecomposable \(({\mathfrak {g}},{\mathrm {K}})\)-modules for Jacobi groups that admit an automorphic realization with possible singularities. A particular tensor product decomposition of universal enveloping algebras of Jacobi Lie algebras, which does not lift to the groups, allows us to study distinguished highest weight modules for the Heisenberg group. We encounter modified theta series as components of vector-valued Jacobi forms, whose arithmetic type is not completely reducible.


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The author thanks the referee for comments greatly improving readability of this paper. The author was partially supported by Vetenskapsrøadet Grant 2015-04139.


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