Millennials and the Media

  • Arthur Asa Berger


The subject of this chapter is how Millennials use the media and how the media attempt to use Millennials. It starts with a discussion of Millennials and social media and offers a discussion by a psychiatrist, David Brunskill, of the negative impact social media have on people, what he calls the “net effect.” Research suggests there may be a relationship between social networking and narcissism. An overview of Millennials and media is offered, and Millennials’ role as “digital natives” is discussed. This leads to a discussion of Millennials and “virtual communities.” Next, there is a description of theHikikomori problem—troubled Millennials—in Japan. Will American Millennials end up like them? A discussion of the “Generation C” segment of Millennials and their use of social media follows. The question of addiction to media is discussed, which is followed by a section on affluent Millennials and their use of social media and of the “overuse” of social media by Millennials of all kinds.


Net effect Digital natives Hikikomori Generation C 


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