The Mind and Psyche of Millennials

  • Arthur Asa Berger


In this chapter I deal with the psychological makeup of Millennials. I discuss Freud’s topographic hypothesis about the unconscious, preconscious and consciousness, and the role of the unconscious in our lives. I also discuss Freud’s structural hypothesis about the id, ego and superego and their role in our behavior, his ideas about the Oedipus complex and his book on group analysis and the ego. This sets the stage for a discussion of narcissism and Millennials. Are they more narcissistic than other generations? And what impact does narcissism have on Millennials? I then deal with a discussion of the “Millennial Mind” and helicopter parents. This leads to a treatment of Omar Mateen, a Millennial who massacred 49 people in Orlando, Florida on June 17, 2016. I conclude with a discussion of Millennials as fathers.


Psyche Unconscious Narcissism Oedipus complex Helicopter parents 


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