Financing Mechanisms for Lake Victoria Fisheries Management

  • E. J. MoshaEmail author
  • Shigalla B. Mahongo
  • R. B. Hoza
  • Yunus D. Mgaya
Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI, volume 93)


Management of fisheries in the Lake Victoria Basin is faced with a multitude of natural and anthropogenic pressures such as over-fishing, eutrophication, declining water levels, soil erosion, sedimentation, water hyacinth infestation and encroachment into fish breeding and spawning areas. The idea of establishing a trust fund, which would contribute to the sustainable management of the lake fisheries and conservation of the lake’s ecosystem, was first conceived during Phase I of the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP I). This occurred by commissioning a consultancy to study the feasibility of establishing a Fish Levy Trust Fund. The Fund was intended to improve the livelihoods of fishing communities and sustainable management of the fisheries resources through enhanced revenue collection and disposal for essential monitoring, management and effective enforcement. Through a lengthy process of consultations and stakeholder engagement during Phase I (1997–2005) and Phase II (2009–2017) of LVEMP, the Lake Victoria Fisheries Trust Fund (LVFTF) was finally established in 2016 as a way of developing a sustainable funding mechanism to conserve biological diversity and ensure socio-economic welfare of communities that depend on the lake for their livelihood. This chapter therefore presents the chronology of events that led to the establishment of LVFTF, and describes the rationale, organizational structure and functions of the Fund.


Lake Victoria Financing mechanisms Fisheries management Sustainable management Trust fund 


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  • R. B. Hoza
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