Towards a Bilingual Writer: The Beliefs and the Process of L2 Writing

  • Olga Majchrzak
Part of the Second Language Learning and Teaching book series (SLLT)


Chapter 2 explores the concept of writing in the foreign language. It focuses on two main aspects, namely beliefs and processes of L2 writing. First, the chapter discusses the importance of investigating beliefs in the teaching and learning process. Then it concentrates on teachers’ and students’ opinions about writing. Next, it changes its focus into the very process of writing in the foreign language, addressing issues such as similarities and differences in the stages of the writing process concerning writing in L1 and L2, as well as recourse to other languages in the process of writing, with the focus on factors affecting L1 use in L2 writing, the domains and the extent to which L1 is used in L2 writing, as well as L1 use and its impact on L2 text quality. The chapter ends with an argument that a bilingual writer should be looked at from a multicompetence perspective, which would allow for a more complete view on the behaviour and choices of a bilingual writer in the process of creating a text.


EFL writing L2 writing beliefs L2 writing processes Multicompetent bilingual writer 

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