Purchasing Postproduction Equipment: Video Editing Programs

  • Ryan Vachon


Video editing is the act of piecing together media assets to build your story. In the early days of film, footage was chemically developed, and physically cut and spliced. Now, computer programs allow you to rapidly sequence media such that one clip follows the other. More impressively, you may overlap a video clip with music or titles. These steps were once next to impossible or took immense amounts of time to execute. Today, they are easy to accomplish on the most basic video editing programs. More complex programs give you additional options for refined manipulation of media. For some introductory editors, the limited choices that accompany basic editing programs will simplify workflow. Enthusiastic film producers may choose a more sophisticated video-editing program that will provide greater room for growth. Video editing programs are tools to reach your end. If you know your end, you can invest in the right program.

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