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Specifics of Sound Editing

  • Ryan Vachon


Relevant video recording equipment was described in Chap.  6 and a number of methods for capturing quality audio was explained in Chap.  13. Now it is time to examine how you can use your VEP to manipulate and blend soundtracks for increased impact. The process of editing audio media typically happens simultaneously with video editing, on your VEP, and ultimately the merging of video and audio content define your final film. However, discussions of audio edits are held separate from video edits because sound engages a different primary sense and thus requires different techniques and sensibilities. Audio editing is best served by a quiet editing environment. From there sound levels and qualities of sound tracks can be compared and adjusted. The original sound captured during production may be impeccable however; the ways that different clips interact usually improves with some tweaking. This chapter describes how the impact of sound can be augmented with audio filters and the inclusion of music. Lastly, the more advanced technique of synchronizing sound tracks, such as numerous instruments from a concert, is explained.

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