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Video Editing: Postproduction

  • Ryan Vachon


Post-production is the time when filmmakers transition efforts from collecting video clips, photographs, and music to editing them into a complete film. While it is exciting to piece everything together to build the story that you envision, cobbling together good films takes intension, time and effort. Lots of beginning filmmakers will tell you that they know in their gut what they would like their film to accomplish, but manifesting the vision takes dedication. This chapter shares tried-and-true techniques to transition your amassed music and video clips into a cohesive and gripping film. Potent storytelling begins with uniting your media as directed by your storyboard. Then step into massaging the media together with refined edits. If a storyboard is an editor’s right hand, transitions between scenes, sound and color filters, volume levels, and titling are their left. The subtleties in polished editing are what give films tone and pacing . For this, we all must take a deep breath and a giant step into the techniques of film editing.

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