The Patched Trousers (1928)

  • Bruno Schönlank


Once upon a time there was a poor widow who worked very hard to support herself and her four sons. Even though she worked the entire day, there was never enough money for everything. She worked as a maid, and she also washed the dirty clothes of other people. Nevertheless, poverty was often an unwelcome guest in her small flat. There’s a saying that hunger makes for the best kind of cook. Yet when there is hardly a thing in the home and four hungry mouths to feed, one can gladly do without such a cook. If a child cries, ‘Mother, I’m hungry,’ it’s often like sweet music to a mother’s ears, but only when the cupboard is full, when bread and potatoes are aplenty. However, if the last crumb has been eaten and there’s no money to buy more bread, the child’s hungry cry is enough to break the mother’s heart.

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  • Bruno Schönlank
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