Soil Data Needs for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Luca Montanarella
  • Panos Panagos
Part of the International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy book series (IYSLP, volume 2017)


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have recognised the importance of soils to produce food and ensure healthy life. Sustainability has been discussed in scientific and policy forums for the last 30 years. Among others, population growth, climate change and the increase in food demand caused the emergence of sustainable agricultural food production. Beyond its environmental dimension, sustainable agriculture is also exploring its economic and societal aspects. Sustainable agriculture considers the importance of maintaining soil organic carbon and biodiversity (incorporated in soil quality) and reducing soil erosion. The soil quality and soil erosion indicators have been results of pan-European modelling assessments, which also contribute to the monitoring of the status and trends in sustainable agriculture between different time periods. Based on experimental results and modelling scenarios, further action should focus on proposing management practices on how to reduce soil erosion and increase soil quality in European soils.


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