The Community Consultation in the Scope of the Land Management in Mozambique

Part of the International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy book series (IYSLP, volume 2017)


In the framework of the community consultation process provided for by land legislation, this study discusses the problems relating to clarification of the concept and the meanings of local community; the nature of the powers legally attributed to local communities; administrative or regulatory measures necessary to promote investment in community land, the implications and corrective measures required in Decree Nr. 50/2007, from October 16; the LC representativeness criteria; the profile, methods of designation and control of LC representatives; the innovations of the Ministerial Diploma Nr. 158/2011, from June 15, approving procedures for consultation of the local communities in DUAT diploma.

The study advances concrete proposals of an administrative or normative nature.



Community consultation involving the local people and authorities and investors


National Direction of Land and Forest


The right to use and explore land acquired by occupation in itself, according to the customary practices or permission of the Public Administration


Forum for Land Consultation


Local community


Land Law, Law Nr. 19/97, from October


Land Law Regulation from Decree of the Council of Ministers Nr. 66/98, from December 8


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