Precision Coatings

  • Zoltan-Iosif KorkaEmail author
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Precision coatings are used to fulfil various surface engineering requirements such as to provide necessary protection to the surface of an engineered part, to impart necessary strength or hardness, or to increase its aesthetics. This chapter introduces various important surface coating technologies. It starts with presenting the concepts of universal underlying considerations—functions of coatings and then moves to addressing the different types of coatings. The method(s) and area of application, and the performance properties are presented for each coating category. Furthermore, this chapter aims to provide an effectiveness comparison of different coating types, enabling the reader to find the proper coating system for a particular application. In addition, some quality and precision aspects are presented. In this regard, the chapter discusses the main issues regarding the quality control of coatings, verification means, inspection equipment, as well as the applicable standards. Finally, the chapter is concluded with some practical examples of precision coatings applied on gear teeth for increasing their wear resistance and for improving their dynamic behaviour (vibration) and reducing the acoustic emission (sound level).


Gear Deposition Noise Precision Surface engineering Tribology Wear 


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