Electrochemical Methods of Micropart’s Manufacturing

  • Sebastian SkoczypiecEmail author
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This chapter introduces basics of electrochemical micromachining (ECMM). In this process, no mechanical contact between tool and workpiece occurs, and machinability is not connected with material mechanical properties, and therefore, it is an attractive technology, especially when shaping 3-D sculptured surfaces in difficult-to-cut materials. However, the key problem in ECMM is to localize dissolution to achieve satisfactory accuracy. In this chapter, specificity of electrochemical micromachining and recent trends in this area are presented. The conditions of electrochemical dissolution are discussed, and the possibilities of shaping accuracy increase are indicated in details. The special attention is paid to the results of application of voltage pulses and integration with other technologies in hybrid and sequential machining.


Electrochemical Electrodischarge Hybrid machining Laser Micromachining 


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