Erratum to: Medicinal Plants and Environmental Challenges

  • Mansour Ghorbanpour
  • Ajit Varma

Erratum to: M. Ghorbanpour and A. Varma (eds.), Medicinal Plants and Environmental Challenges,

In the original version of the book, a new chapter “Biotechnological Approaches for In Vitro Conservation of Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth” has been included at the end. The erratum book has been updated with the change.

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  • Mansour Ghorbanpour
    • 1
  • Ajit Varma
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Medicinal PlantsArak UniversityArakIran
  2. 2.Amity Institute of Microbial TechnologyAmity UniversityNoidaIndia

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