Mathematical Tapas

  • Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-UrrutyEmail author
Part of the Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series book series (SUMS)


This book presents a collection of interesting and sometimes original exercises for motivated students in mathematics.

Written in the same spirit as Volume 1 (bearing the same title), this second volume of Mathematical Tapas includes carefully selected problems at the intersection between undergraduate and graduate level. Hints, answers and (sometimes) comments are presented alongside the 222 “tapas” as well as 8 conjectures or open problems. Mathematical topics covered include metric, normed, Banach, inner-product and Hilbert spaces; differential calculus; integration; matrices; convexity; and optimization or variational problems.

With stars marking the levels of difficulties (three), these tapas show or prove something interesting, and challenge the reader to solve and learn.

Suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, this book aims to sharpen the reader’s mathematical problem solving abilities.

“A great discovery solves a great problem, but there is a grain of discovery in the solution of any problem” G. Polya (1887-1885).


Presents original exercises from various mathematical subjects Challenges readers to solve and learn Provides hints, partial answers and comments. 


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