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Multi-Camera Videography Methods for Aeroecology

  • Margrit Betke
  • Tyson Hedrick
  • Diane Theriault


The ability to study the behavior of flying animals in their natural environment has been dramatically improved by recent advances in imaging technologies and video analysis tools. Stereo videography, in particular, has taken aeroecology to a new level. We here describe methods for estimating the three-dimensional flight paths of animals from image data recorded simultaneously by multiple visible-light or infrared cameras. We explain how the accuracy of these estimates is influenced by camera properties and placements, as well as calibration procedures. We include a description of potential pitfalls drawn from field experience with various bat and bird species and show some example stereoscopic reconstructions of bat and bird flight.



We wish to thank N. Fuller, B. Jackson, E. Bluhm, D. Evangelista, Z. Wu, B. Borucki, A. Banks, A. Froschauer, and K. Swift for their research assistance. We thank D. Davis and D. Bamberger for property access and the Department of Texas Parks and Wildlife for permitting assistance. This work was partially funded by the Office of Naval Research [N000141010952 to M.B. and T.H.], the National Science Foundation [0910908 and 0855065 to M. B. and 1253276 to T. H.], and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research [FA9550-07-1-0540 to M. B.].


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