360° Tracking Using a Virtual PTZ Camera

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Object tracking using still or PTZ cameras is a hard task for large spaces and needs several devices to completely cover the area or to track multiple subjects. The introduction of \(360^{\circ }\) camera technology offers a complete view of the scene in a single image and can be useful to reduce the number of devices needed in the tracking problem. In this paper we present a framework using \(360^{\circ }\) cameras to simulate an unlimited number of PTZ cameras and to be used for tracking. The proposed method to track a single target process an equirectangular view of the scene and obtains a model of the moving object in the image plane. The target is tracked analyzing the next frame of the video sequence and estimating the P,T and Z shifts needed to keep the target in the center of the virtual camera view. The framework allows to use a single \(360^{\circ }\) device to obtain an equirectangular video sequence and to apply the proposed tracking strategy on each target simulating several virtual PTZ cameras.


\(360^{\circ }\) cameras Equirectangular projection PTZ cameras Object tracking 


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