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  • Angela Hilmi


This chapter provides concluding remarks on content of the different chapters of the book. In a nutshell, it suggests to drop the idea of growth and proposes instead to concentrate on movement, which is intrinsic to life. It suggests to look at the contributions of the peasant way of farming in terms of foods, taken in their extended meaning, with those things, including landscapes, which humans are part of, and which contribute to the pleasures of life. The proposal is to imagine agricultural systems as a living body, crossed by energy streams, belonging to a larger grid, with waves of repercussions extending beyond. In this web of interlace, there are key expansion points and points of tension (like in acupuncture or osteopathy) that can be identified, and which can allow to trigger change and transformation from within, towards reaching greater well-being and autonomy: the “true freedom”.


Illusion Consciousness Pleasure Foods Autonomy 


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