“Circumstances Never Satisfactorily Explained”

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Naomi Vincent dies at age twenty giving birth to her second child by Hamblin, a daughter which he and Medina raise as their own. An unrequited Medina comforts him, begins calling herself his wife, and provides him with abundant spectacular “blood and thunder” hits. James Gordon Bennett, publisher of the New York Herald, begins a vicious, relentless campaign to expose Hamblin’s immorality. Junius Brutus Booth’s drunken unreliability infuriates Hamblin further. Hamblin’s latest protégée, Charlotte Cushman, debuts just before his Bowery Theatre burns down during the run of another spectacular melodrama. Backed by cronies, he accosts and beats Bennett in his office, then leaves for England with ambitions of international stardom.


Bowery Theatre Medina Rienzi Jewess Stephen Price 
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