UNDO: The United Nations System Document Ontology

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Akoma Ntoso is an OASIS Committee Specification Draft standard for the electronic representations of parliamentary, normative and judicial documents in XML. Recently, it has been officially adopted by the United Nations (UN) as the main electronic format for making UN documents machine-processable. However, Akoma Ntoso does not force nor define any formal ontology for allowing the description of real-world objects, concepts and relations mentioned in documents. In order to address this gap, in this paper we introduce the United Nations System Document Ontology (UNDO), i.e. an OWL 2 DL ontology developed and adopted by the United Nations that aims at providing a framework for the formal description of all these entities.


Akoma Ntoso Judicial documents Normative documents OWL 2 DL Parliamentary documents UNDO United Nations 


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