Design Guidelines for Exploring Relationships in a Connected Big Data Environment

  • Jaison JacobEmail author
  • Santhosh RaoEmail author
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Reimagining the ‘SAP Investigative Case Management’ frame-work from a log-based register of events to a direct interaction environment with the possibility to search, explore relationships between multiple entities in one or more cases/incidents. This case study is about our approach in conceptualizing a generic network visualization method by deconstructing the existing data models. We devised a set of guidelines that can be employed to represent a large number of entities with the intention of examining their relationships.


Big-data Network visualization framework Visualizing connected data 


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    Bach, C., Bernhaupt, R., D’Agostini, C.S., Winckler, M.: Mobile applications for incident reporting systems in urban contexts: lessons learned from an empirical study. In: ECCE 2013 Proceedings of the 31st European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics, Article no. 29. ACM (2013)Google Scholar

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