Earthquake and Earth Justice: Emergence of the Environmental Justice Movement and Its Relevance in Addressing Unanticipated Events

  • Ananda M. Bhattarai
Conference paper
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The earthquake that shook Nepal in 2015 was a colossal event that not only destroyed human life, settlement and civilization in the Himalayan landscape but also showed the limitation of human knowledge, experience and ingenuity. In October of the same year, Nepal adopted a new constitution that prioritized socio-economic rights. Can unanticipated events such as the earthquake be examined from justice perspective, is the principal concern of this note. It takes resonance from the environmental justice movement and,with the help of environmental justice discourse developed in South Asia, argues that the logic of environmental justice and earth justice can be strategically used to mitigate the impact of colossal events such as the earthquake, global warming, ozone depletion, climate change, or the collapse of the Himalayan system, etc., provided they are actuated by real implementation on the ground.


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