Fearing the Faith of Others? Government, Religion, and Integration in Norway

  • Sturla J. Stålsett
Part of the Religion and Global Migrations book series (RGM)


What impact does religion have on policies of integration? What happens when the concern for the integration of immigrants becomes the central issue in the public policies of religious and non-religious worldviews? With reference to the Norwegian debate on these issues, Sturla J. Stålsett addresses the underlying, often weakly substantiated, presumptions about the interrelationship between religion, public policy, and integration. The possible instrumentalization of policies of religion in the service of integration, however desirable, are problematized, exposing a tendency in the current Norwegian debate toward a political and academic rehabilitation of the concept of “assimilation.”

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  • Sturla J. Stålsett
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  1. 1.MF Norwegian School of TheologyOsloNorway

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