Automated Electric Bill Generation System Using Internet of Things

  • Shreyas H.N.
  • Nikhil Aatrei M
  • Sumesh S. Iyer
  • Prakash PEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 678)


Smart City vision attempts to make human life easy. To achieve this, technology has to be used meticulously. Digital service is one of the most vital parts of Smart City. Technology is applied to enhance quality of human life and make it hurdle-less. Human intervention is still a necessity when it comes to electricity bill generation and payment for each household. This research paper proposes an automatic electric bill payment system which reduces human effort. Further the proposed solution supports the smart city vision. The system measures electrical units that is being consumed by the consumers, using Raspberry Pi, and it sends consumption data to the supplier’s cloud server wirelessly. The consumption cost will be calculated at the server as per government norms. An e-bill is generated at the server and delivered to the customer via developed Android application. The system has been tested in real time and the usage statistics displayed on the Android application is verified.


IoT Smart city Raspberry pi Android Wi-Fi 


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  • Shreyas H.N.
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  • Nikhil Aatrei M
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  • Sumesh S. Iyer
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  • Prakash P
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  1. 1.M S Ramaiah University of Applied SciencesBengaluruIndia

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