Music: Eros and Embodiment in Renewal Worship

  • Steven Félix-Jäger
Part of the Christianity and Renewal - Interdisciplinary Studies book series (CHARIS)


While creational theologies of art often posit that humans worship as an appropriate response to God’s glory and sovereignty, a pneumatological aesthetics sees eros as the necessary dynamism involved in musical worship. As the Spirit beckons the heart of a person, the person too desires closeness to God. This reciprocal relation of desire well describes what happens in renewal worship. This chapter looks at the role of emotion in a holistic spirituality and how it manifests in music. Embodied music comes about as an act of eros, which in turn motivates relational intimacy with God. Discernment is needed in order to avoid the trappings that may arise with emotional and embodied engagements. Nevertheless, rightly directed embodied worship could stimulate some very powerful encounters with God, and aid a person’s relational intimacy with God.

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