Universal Outpour: A Pneumatological Model for Engaging the Arts

  • Steven Félix-Jäger
Part of the Christianity and Renewal - Interdisciplinary Studies book series (CHARIS)


The arts can be viewed as an outworking of the Spirit being poured out on all flesh. The universal outpour motif is a root metaphor that is able to situate the arts in a renewal framework that relates both communally to the broader cultural context and within a context of charismatic worship. After assessing various creational and incarnational models, this chapter adopts a pneumatocentric root metaphor to base a pneumatological model robust enough to evaluate the arts in and around the charismatic renewal. Through this model one can look at the way the charismatic renewal has utilized various art forms communally and within the context of worship, allowing us to see how the Spirit is alive and at work in the arts, and how the charismatic renewal gives a unique pneumatological perspective of the arts to the artworld and the broader field of theological aesthetics.

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