Introduction of a New Full-Scale Open Cooling Version of the DrivAer Generic Car Model

  • Burkhard Hupertz
  • Lothar Krüger
  • Karel Chalupa
  • Neil Lewington
  • Brendan Luneman
  • Pedro Costa
  • Timo Kuthada
  • Christopher Collin
Conference paper


Since the introduction of the generic aerodynamic research model DrivAer, an increasing amount of aerodynamic research and aerodynamic CAE method development activities have been based on this simplified generic car body. Due to the OpenSource nature of the model it has not only been used by academia but also by several automotive OEMs and CAE software developers. The DrivAer model has delivered high quality experimental data to permit validation of existing aerodynamic CAE capabilities and to accelerate the development of new more sophisticated numerical methods.

Vehicle aerodynamic performance is significantly influenced by the airflow through the engine bay. The current, closed cooling version of the DrivAer does not enable an assessment of the influence of the cooling airflow on the vehicle’s aerodynamic characteristics.

A new open cooling version of the DrivAer model is proposed to further expand the usability of the overall DrivAer concept. Beyond an extended usage in vehicle aerodynamics the layout of the model will allow for investigations related to powertrain cooling, heat protection, brake cooling and wind noise.

This paper focuses on the conceptual layout of the Open Cooling DrivAer model and will explain the instrumentation concept of the physical test model. Furthermore initial wind tunnel test data of the baseline configuration will be presented.



Closed Cooling


Closed Cooling DrivAer


Ground Effect Simulation System


Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation


Lattice Boltzmann Method


Open Cooling


Open Cooling DrivAer


Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes


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  • Lothar Krüger
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  • Karel Chalupa
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  • Neil Lewington
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  • Brendan Luneman
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  • Pedro Costa
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  • Timo Kuthada
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  • Christopher Collin
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  5. 5.Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid MechanicsTechnische Universität MünchenMunichGermany

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