Secure Event Tickets on a Blockchain

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Concert tickets “are” nowadays unique identifiers that are printed on paper as barcodes, and scanned at the entrance gate. While this system is convenient and secure for the concert organizer, it bears risks and inconveniences for the ticket owner.

We developed a prototype system in which concert tickets are managed as assets on a blockchain. The system prevents ticket theft as well as fraud such as selling invalid tickets, or selling multiple copies of a ticket, by leveraging the consistency features of the blockchain.

We implemented the system based on Hyperledger Fabric V1. We developed a smart contract that manages the tickets as assets on the blockchain. We also developed a client application that runs on a smart phone and allows to seamlessly transfer tickets between two users using their phones, as well as the control at the entrance gate.



I thank Andreas Kind for fruitful discussions during the conceptualization and development of the prototype. I thank Marcel Begert for creating the sleek design of the client application. I thank Yacov Manevich for providing support in building the infrastructure.


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