The Famatinian Orogen Along the Protomargin of Western Gondwana: Evidence for a Nearly Continuous Ordovician Magmatic Arc Between Venezuela and Argentina

  • Victor A. Ramos
Part of the Springer Earth System Sciences book series (SPRINGEREARTH)


The continental protomargin of Western Gondwana in South America records an important Early-Middle Ordovician magmatic activity associated with the development of the Famatinian orogen. Almost the entire margin has evidence of a magmatic arc preserved as orthogneisses in the high-grade metamorphic domains up to volcanic rocks of the same age interfingered with sedimentary facies. These subduction-related calcalkaline rocks have new U-Pb zircon dates that show striking similar ages bracketed between 490 and 460 Ma. The different domains along the continental margin are compared taking the western Sierras Pampeanas as the type locality, showing an alternation among high-grade metamorphic—greenschist facies—sedimentary facies. There are three deeply exhumed segments preserved as orthogneisses in high-grade amphibolite facies, the Sierras Pampeanas, the Marañón, and the Santander-Mérida domains. These domains are flanked by greenschist facies such as the Quetame in Colombia, the Vilcabamba in Perú, and the Puna Eruptive Belt in northern Argentina. Some segments are characterized by sedimentary facies as the Altiplano domain of Bolivia and the Olmos-Loja domain between Perú and Ecuador. The location and metamorphic grade are controlled by the amount of shortening and uplift, responsible for the different crustal levels exposed, as a consequence of the characteristics of the distinct terranes that collided against the continental margin. As a final remark, the time span of the Famatinian episode when globally compared has a widespread development in Laurentia, Baltica, and Australia, as a consequence of a period of high mobility of the plates during Early-Middle Ordovician times.


Magmatic arc Terrane collision Subduction related Metamorphic grade Protomargin Paleozoic orogen 



This paper is the result of many field trips, meetings, and symposia held along the Andes from Venezuela to Patagonia. The author thanks numerous colleagues for livid discussions, hard debates, and generous friendship that fed during the years my interest to learn how the Andes work. The critical reviews of the manuscript by Juan Otamendi, Universidad de Río Cuarto, Roberto Martino from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and Heinrich Bahlburg from Universität Münster are deeply acknowledged. This is the contribution R-208 of the Instituto de Estudios Andinos Don Pablo Groeber (UBA-CONICET).


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