Paleogene Arc-Related Volcanism in the Southern Central Andes and North Patagonia (39°–41° S)

  • Sofía B. Iannelli
  • Lucía Fernández Paz
  • Vanesa D. Litvak
  • Rosemary E. Jones
  • Miguel E. Ramos
  • Andrés Folguera
  • Victor A. Ramos
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The influence of tectonic processes in evolution of magmatic suites evaluated through their geochemical signature has always been a subject of debate. Late Paleocene arc volcanism in the Southern Central Andes, particularly in North Patagonia, can be used to infer a direct relationship between magmatic episodes and tectonic changes along the Andean margin. Eocene arc-related volcanism (~44 Ma) in the North Patagonian Andes shows evidence for limited influence of the subducting slab on the composition of arc magmas and they exhibit an alkaline tendency. By Oligocene times (~29 Ma), arc volcanic sequences in the Auca Pan depocenter show predominantly arc-like geochemical signatures and have been derived from a calc-alkaline source. However, a comparison with younger arc sequences (<28 Ma) in the region suggests that the magmatic source turned more tholeiitic in composition with a remarkable increase in the influence of slab-derived fluids, as seen in volcanic rocks from Cura Mallín and Abanico retro and intra-arc basins. It is proposed that the marked geochemical variations between these magmatic periods are related to the tectonic changes associated with the breakup of the Farallon plate at ~28–26 Ma. The geochemical data from Eocene and Oligocene volcanic sequences provide further evidence for the strong link between tectonics and magmatism.


Arc-related rocks Geochemical signature Eocene Oligocene Farallon plate 


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