Probabilistic Black-Box Reachability Checking

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Model checking has a long-standing tradition in software verification. Given a system design it checks whether desired properties are satisfied. Unlike testing, it cannot be applied in a black-box setting. To overcome this limitation Peled et al.  introduced black-box checking, a combination of testing, model inference and model checking. The technique requires systems to be fully deterministic. For stochastic systems, statistical techniques are available. However, they cannot be applied to systems with non-deterministic choices. We present a black-box checking technique for stochastic systems that allows both, non-deterministic and probabilistic behaviour. It involves model inference, testing and probabilistic model-checking. Here, we consider reachability checking, i.e., we infer near-optimal input-selection strategies for bounded reachability.


Model inference Statistical model-checking Reachability analysis Black-box checking Testing Verification 



This work was supported by the TU Graz LEAD project “Dependable Internet of Things in Adverse Environments”. The authors would like to thank the LEAD project members Roderick Bloem, Masoud Ebrahimi, Franz Pernkopf, Franz Röck, and Tobias Schrank for fruitful discussions.


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