AirSim: High-Fidelity Visual and Physical Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Shital ShahEmail author
  • Debadeepta Dey
  • Chris Lovett
  • Ashish Kapoor
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics book series (SPAR, volume 5)


Developing and testing algorithms for autonomous vehicles in real world is an expensive and time consuming process. Also, in order to utilize recent advances in machine intelligence and deep learning we need to collect a large amount of annotated training data in a variety of conditions and environments. We present a new simulator built on Unreal Engine that offers physically and visually realistic simulations for both of these goals. Our simulator includes a physics engine that can operate at a high frequency for real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulations with support for popular protocols (e.g. MavLink). The simulator is designed from the ground up to be extensible to accommodate new types of vehicles, hardware platforms and software protocols. In addition, the modular design enables various components to be easily usable independently in other projects. We demonstrate the simulator by first implementing a quadrotor as an autonomous vehicle and then experimentally comparing the software components with real-world flights.


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  • Debadeepta Dey
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  • Chris Lovett
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  • Ashish Kapoor
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