Data Preparation as a Service Based on Apache Spark

  • Nivethika MahasivamEmail author
  • Nikolay Nikolov
  • Dina Sukhobok
  • Dumitru Roman
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10465)


Data preparation is the process of collecting, cleaning and consolidating raw datasets into cleaned data of certain quality. It is an important aspect in almost every data analysis process, and yet it remains tedious and time-consuming. The complexity of the process is further increased by the recent tendency to derive knowledge from very large datasets. Existing data preparation tools provide limited capabilities to effectively process such large volumes of data. On the other hand, frameworks and software libraries that do address the requirements of big data, require expert knowledge in various technical areas. In this paper, we propose a dynamic, service-based, scalable data preparation approach that aims to solve the challenges in data preparation on a large scale, while retaining the accessibility and flexibility provided by data preparation tools. Furthermore, we describe its implementation and integration with an existing framework for data preparation – Grafterizer. Our solution is based on Apache Spark, and exposes application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with external tools. Finally, we present experimental results that demonstrate the improvements to the scalability of Grafterizer.


Distributed data parallel processing Apache Spark Big data preparation Interactive data preparation 



The work in this paper is partly supported by the EC funded projects proDataMarket (Grant number: 644497), euBusinessGraph (Grant number: 732003), and EW-Shopp (Grant number: 732590). The authors would like to thank Bjørn Marius von Zernichow for his help in improving the readability of the camera-ready version of the paper.


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  • Nikolay Nikolov
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  • Dina Sukhobok
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  • Dumitru Roman
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