Cleaning Compounds

  • Norman G. Marriott
  • M. Wes Schilling
  • Robert B. Gravani
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Knowledge of soil deposits and use of an appropriate and versatile cleaning compound for the specific cleaning application are essential for an effective sanitation program. Soil characteristics determine the most appropriate cleaning compound. Generally, an acidic cleaning compound is most effective for the removal of inorganic deposits, an alkaline cleaner for removing non-petroleum organic soils, and a solvent-type cleaner for the removal of petroleum soil.

The major function of cleaning compounds is to lower the surface tension of water so that soils may be loosened and flushed away. Detergent auxiliaries are included in cleaning compounds to protect sensitive surfaces or to improve the cleaning properties. Knowledge of how to handle cleaning compounds is essential to reduce the potential for injury of employees. If a worker is accidentally splashed with a cleaning compound, the affected area must be flushed with a large amount of water immediately.


Cleaning compounds Emulsification Saponification Sequestrant Soil Surfactant 


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