The Relationship of Allergens to Sanitation

  • Norman G. Marriott
  • M. Wes Schilling
  • Robert B. Gravani
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Allergens are substances that cause the immune system to trigger an act against itself. Normally, this condition occurs when foreign bodies enter the human body. Those involved with sanitation should be aware of how to protect foods against allergens. Allergen infestation frequently occurs through product cross-contamination of an allergen-containing product during manufacture.

An effective method for the control of allergens is the organization and implementation of an allergen control plan. Such a plan avoids inadvertent allergen cross-contamination with resultant recalls and potentially adverse and a potentially fatal reaction. Allergen contamination can be most effectively reduced through effective education, sanitation, and monitoring. Additional information about sanitary practices for the control of allergens is provided in Chapters that follow.


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