Scientific Evidence and Proof. Towards a Personalized Justice

  • Cuno Jakob Tarfusser


The concept of “Personalization” developed in medicine allows attention to be focused on the individual with respect to the diagnosed disease; this change has made a multidisciplinary synergy possible that characterizes scientific research. The same concept is, however, difficult to apply to Justice, where the subject of personalization is not clear and unambiguous as in the medical field, even though the possibility of adapting the general and abstract laws to concrete facts under investigation does remain.In spite of the aforementioned antithetical nature of the “Personalization—Justice” binomial, there are points of union between the latter and medicine. The first of these is represented by the individual, the focus of both disciplines; the second is the scientific evidence that allows Justice to acquire ever higher levels of reliability and validity. These levels, however, can only be reached if, as an indispensable condition, a mutual knowledge, derived from an understandable communication and a common formation, enabling the two disciplines to define themselves as complementary, is generated.

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  1. 1.International Criminal CourtDen HaagThe Netherlands

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