Analysis of Markov Decision Processes Under Parameter Uncertainty

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Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) are a popular decision model for stochastic systems. Introducing uncertainty in the transition probability distribution by giving upper and lower bounds for the transition probabilities yields the model of Bounded Parameter MDPs (BMDPs) which captures many practical situations with limited knowledge about a system or its environment. In this paper the class of BMDPs is extended to Bounded Parameter Semi Markov Decision Processes (BSMDPs). The main focus of the paper is on the introduction and numerical comparison of different algorithms to compute optimal policies for BMDPs and BSMDPs; specifically, we introduce and compare variants of value and policy iteration.

The paper delivers an empirical comparison between different numerical algorithms for BMDPs and BSMDPs, with an emphasis on the required solution time.


(Bounded Parameter) (Semi-)Markov Decision Process Discounted reward Average reward Value iteration Policy iteration 


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