VCO-Based 0-\(\varDelta \varSigma \) MASH ADC

  • Xinpeng Xing
  • Peng Zhu
  • Georges Gielen
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As discussed in Chap.  4, to address the issue of limited voltage headroom and to take advantage of the reduced CMOS gate delay in scaled CMOS technologies, VCO-based highly-digital ADCs have recently emerged in recent years. However, the performance of VCO-based ADCs is limited by the inherent nonlinearity of the VCOs. As shown in Fig. 7.1, a VCO-based ADC can be utilized as a quantizer in a single-loop \(\varDelta \varSigma \) modulator. The preceding loop filter suppresses both the quantization noise and the nonlinearity, however, a high loop gain results in a high power consumption and potential instability problems. As discussed in Chap.  3, in traditional \(\varDelta \varSigma \) ADC design, compared to single-loop structures, MASH architectures can offer a higher-order noise shaping with less instability concerns. This structure can also be implemented with VCO-based quantizers as will be demonstrated.


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  1. 1.Graduate School at ShenzhenTsinghua UniversityShenzhenChina
  2. 2.Zhongguancun Dongsheng Technology ParkAnalog Devices, Inc.BeijingChina
  3. 3.Departement Elektrotechniek, ESAT-MICASKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenLeuvenBelgium

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