Aortic Dissection

  • Barbara Theresia Weis-Müller
  • Wilhelm Sandmann

Case Report: “Dissection: Stanford A”

A 68-year-old woman spontaneously and suddenly developed severe retrosternal pain during her holiday in Turkey. Without knowing the diagnosis, she flew home 2 days later. Computed tomography (CT) scans taken immediately after arrival revealed a dissection of the ascending aorta, the aortic bow and the descending aorta.

Question 1

How would you classify the aortic dissection?
  1. A.

    Stanford A dissection.

  2. B.

    Stanford B dissection.

  3. C.

    de Bakey I dissection.

  4. D.

    de Bakey II dissection.

  5. E.

    de Bakey III dissection.


On the same day, she underwent an emergency operation. The dissected ascending aorta with the entry of the dissection was incised using in a cardiopulmonary bypass and replaced by a graft using the inlay-graft technique. The aortic valve was patent and remained in situ. For reconstruction of the aortic root, the sandwich technique was used. Two Teflon strips were placed externally and into the true lumen to reattach the dissected...


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  • Wilhelm Sandmann
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