Beam Shaping in Broad-Area Quantum Cascade Lasers Using Optical Feedback

  • Louise JumpertzEmail author
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In this chapter, conventional and spatially-filtered optical feedback will be applied to a 32\(\upmu \mathrm {m}\)-wide QCL. The high performances of this QCL emitting around 4.6\(\upmu \mathrm {m}\) will first be detailed. In particular, we will report that this laser presents high mean and peak powers, efficient heat dissipation allowing operation at high duty cycle, as well as high quality far-field over the whole range of operation. In a second part, the impact of optical feedback on the laser near-field as a function of the feedback mirror angle will be studied, showing significant modification of the near-field pattern. Strong amelioration of the profile is achieved in the case of centered feedback using spatial filtering. Furthermore, the response of a QCL with poor far-field quality to feedback will be investigated, as well as the influence of the laser width by comparing to 14\(\upmu \mathrm {m}\)-wide devices.


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